Netgear Helpline: 7 valuable Tips for setting a Wireless Home network – Netgear Support

Netgear Helpline: 7 valuable Tips for setting a Wireless Home network

The process of NETGEAR Router Setup is the first step taken by a user to create a strong, safe, secure and reliable network. In this article, we will provide you step by step guide for setting up a wireless home network.Netgear Support

  1. Placement of a Router

For this, you would first acquire a wireless router. It may interest you to know that there are varieties of factors that will determine the best router for you. First, you have to decide, which would be the best place for your router.

  • It is best to place your router at the center point or middle of the house.
  • Do not place it under the table or back of any device. It shouldn’t be placed under the table or closet.
  • The process of Netgear Router Setup shouldn’t be performed under heavy load or heat.

Note: Don’t forget to place your device away from the door and windows. This will protect your router from the interference of neighboring WiFi devices.

7 valuable Tips for setting a Wireless Home network
7 valuable tips for setting a Wireless Home network

2. Connect your Router to the Modem

Once you have located your router to its best place, connect it to the existing modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. Make sure that both the devices are properly plugged in.

  • Do not overload your device with malicious files.
  • Keep the devices away from heat and dust.

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3. Connect your Range Extender with Router

The process of NETGEAR Extender Setup is as simple as installing a NETGEAR router. You would acquire to follow the below-given steps.

  • Plug router and the extender away from heat, doors, walls, mirrors, and windows.
  • The router you are using to connect your range extender, supposed to be free from dust and load of malicious files.
  • If you can’t disable your daily use of metal appliances and electronic gadgets, consider placing your device out of the reach of treadmills, microwave, juicer, mixer grinder, baby monitors, Bluetooth speaker, security alarms, etc.

Note: For Netgear Extender Login you would acquire a computer to connect with the range extender and details of default login credentials to enter into mywifiext.

For assistance regarding the same or any contact NETGEAR Extender Support on toll-free number 1-884-689-9966.

4. Connect Computer with the Router

Connecting a computer physically with your router helps you to manage wireless settings without losing the internet connection or any type of interference in the WiFi signals. Make sure that your device (computer) shouldn’t be loaded with malicious files, browsing history, cache, and cookies. If they are overloaded, consider clearing the malware before getting into the home page of NETGEAR Router Login.

5. Enter your Internet Connection Information

This part is necessary as it includes the default IP address and DNS information provided to you by your Internet Service Provider. Almost every router fills this section by default automatically. If it does not, contact NETGEAR Support immediately.

6. Connect a Device to the Network

Once your router starts broadcasting the signals, you can test it by connecting your WiFi device such as another computer, tablet, or a smartphone, etc. Now, scan for new and active networks.

  • In Windows: – Click the network icon in the system tray that is situated at the right-corner (lower) of the desktop. Look for SSID and select a network whose range you want to extend.
  • In Mac: – In the menu bar, select the AirPort icon. After that, select the SSID from the list of available and active networks.

For this process, all your smart devices supposed to be in the range of the wireless router.

7. Enter the Password

If you have enabled WPA2 security on your networking device, you will be prompt to enter the Netgear Router Password (default) to connect with the wireless network. Also, remember that the default details of SSID and password supposed to be changed immediately after the process of  Create a strong network name and password that would be impossible for anyone to detect.

Tired of NETGEAR Troubleshooting? Don’t worry and contact the tech support team. We are always there for our valuable customers to help them in any manner.

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